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Below you will find a backsplash job from design to completion of the mirror install.  This will show you the detail of the design or the job and how it follows through when completed.  NOTE:  The backsplash below is harlequins, these are extremely difficult to install and require special glass tools to complete.

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Custom Designed Harliquin Mirror Backsplash
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Callis/Callis8.jpg Callis/Callis7.jpg Callis/Callis6.jpg Callis/Callis5.jpg
Callis/Callis4.jpg Callis/Callis3.jpg Callis/Callis2.jpg Callis/Callis1.jpg

Custom Designed Mirror
Custom Design Antiqued Mirror Glass Antique Arched Design
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Mirror to the left was custom designed for the entry niche.  All detail to the mirror was done on new mirror, there is no antiquing to this but instead it has custom scroll-work and gilding.  Over 600 sheets of composition gold leaf line the back of this 3'W x 6'T mirror.  The entire mirror was also flecked which reflects in gold.


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Pineapple/F.jpg Pineapple/E.jpg Pineapple/D.jpg Pineapple/C.jpg
Pineapple/B.jpg Pineapple/A.jpg

Custom Cut & Antiqued Backsplash
Antiqued Harliquin Mirror Glass Backsplash Antique Rosettes
Harliquin Pattern with Rosettes

Each project is custom designed for our customers.  Designs are layed out in many different designs and shown to customers so they can choose.  Since no 2 projects are alike each job is unique.

This is a harliquin patten backsplash with custom centered rosettes.


Mirrored Wall Panels
Antiqued Mirror Glass wall Panels Tiles Antique border
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Custom Mirror - Carnival Glass Antique
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Carnival Antique Mirror Glass is one of our newest and quickly becoming a very sought after finish.  This is a great finish
when you are looking for a dramatic punch.  Great above a fireplace as shown in the picture to the left or as a custom
backsplash behind a wet bar or in a kitchen.  Go to our online store to get your sample today!


New Project done for The Jone's Family of St. Louis


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